With a down turn in the general market dirty finance is using the time wisely to add more hold case for its $DIRTY token. The staking and lp staking, that is in the road map but scheduled for later this year, is only weeks away from being up and running. This will give holders the opportunity to earn ‘$DIRTY cash’. ‘$DIRTY cash’ will be used as a currency on dirty.finance that is earned per min, per $DIRTY or LP V2 Token locked in the staking.

The way the staking will work with $DIRTY is that the contract will allow holders…

On a day that finds Bitcoin in the red along with BNB and Etherum, $DIRTY is holding strong and at times 100% up for 24hr. I think the superior increase will be a common occurrence in the future as we gain more listings and exposure. Cmc listing happened after three applications, and a lot of hard work behind the scenes but thankfully was approved today and are celebrating. we have had a lot of interest because of the cmc and volume has gone above $150,000+. …

We have always spoken about passive income with dirty finance and how we will introduce this on top of the amazing APY. we offer with the redistribution. Well now the first minted dirty finance NFT’s are making their way to the opensea.io market place. Many have been placed on sale for in excess for 1 Eth, but have yet to sell. With the rarest, the 5 star ‘Dirty Temptation’, listing for 200+ Eth. All the dirty finance NFT’s that holders are selling are in this link https://opensea.io/assets/dirtynft

The ‘OH Dirty Pack’ is still available (and until staking the only way…

Dirty finance has been in the crypto space for over a month now and are now on coingecko as well as being listed on Coinsbit.io, Bibox.com, And Tokpie. Cmc listing should happen in the coming days, all going well. The first NFT’s are in holders wallets and staking and lp staking is being worked on tirelessly. But I want to talk more about the smart contract and the different ways investors are rewarded for holding $DIRTY.

Interest that has accumulated for redistribution to holders is 6.8%+in just 1 Month! That interest rate, if continued at that rate (without compound), will…

3 weeks on from launch and Dirty Finance holders have already minted their first NFT’s, all investors holding more than 100 million will be able to collect their first eth NFT like promised from the website now. Holders will also now have a free BSC NFT to collect if they choose.

The highly anticipated OH $DIRTY Pack was successfully released yesterday, although high gas fees made it hard for many investors to justify opening it, a few excited holders did. The intention at Dirty Finance was never to make investors pay $400+ gas fees like they had to yesterday to…

We have launched! Steadied off after the initial mooning and seem to be consolidating around the $0.000002500 — $0.000003000. The road map was set out for Q2 and after 8 days we would like to discuss our progress. go through whats been completed, whats in progress, etc.

  • -Website Launch (Completed)
  • -Audit Contract (Completed)
  • -Private Presale of $DIRTY (Completed)
  • -CoinMarketCap listing (In Progress, applied 22/4/21)
  • -Coingecko Listing (In Progress, applied 22/4/21)
  • -Whitepaper Release (Completed)
  • -Create Hentai NFT’s (In Development — Waiting for artists)
  • -Airdrop to all holders (Waiting for NFTs)

The airdrop to holders will happen through the website, we will…

Dirty finance released a new ERC20 token on Thursday 22nd 7PM UTC and had a phenomenal launch! After rising to 0.00000549 (20,000% up from launch price) in the first hour, it then fell off and consolidated 0.000000850. Since then has increased 100%+ and sits at around 0.0000022.

Dirty finance plans to achieve all it has set out on its road map, and faster than planned if circumstances allow. Coinmarketcap.com & Coingecko were applied for minutes after liquidity was added, and notifications of submission have been received from both. …

Dirty Finance is releasing a ERC20 token ($DIRTY) on the 7pm UTC 22nd of April 2021. $DIRTY specializes in creating highly sought after hentai NFT’s whilst having meme coin Tokenomics (5% Tax — 2% redistribution, 2% Burnt & 1% reinvestment fund). Here at $DIRTY we love dirty anime so we have focused on this niche market known as hentai. We will rewards holders with a passive income (with the NFT resale) coming in on top of the Redistribution giving their $Dirty interest.

$DIRTY finance will have 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion) Tokens minted on creation. 50% (500 Billion) will be burnt straight…

Dirty Finance

ERC20 Token that Specializes in Hentai NFT's

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