Staking and LP Staking for $DIRTY is almost ready — All holder that stake will have a chance to redeem rare Dirty Finance NFT’s

Dirty Finance
3 min readJun 19, 2021


With a down turn in the general market dirty finance is using the time wisely to add more hold case for its $DIRTY token. The staking and lp staking, that is in the road map but scheduled for later this year, is only weeks away from being up and running. This will give holders the opportunity to earn ‘$DIRTY cash’. ‘$DIRTY cash’ will be used as a currency on that is earned per min, per $DIRTY or LP V2 Token locked in the staking.

The way the staking will work with $DIRTY is that the contract will allow holders to connect their wallets to, selecting the amount of $DIRTY they wish to stake and confirming it. When you are staking the $DIRTY will not show up in your wallet, but instead in your staked amount of $DIRTY on the website. Liquidity pool tokens, which can be made on uniswap by pairing $DIRTY with Etherum, can also be staked in the same way. The LP tokens will offer stakers the fastest possible way to earn ‘$DIRTY cash’ in dollar to dollar comparison to standard staking. The limit is also set lower on the LP staking so once quota is full, it is then better to stake your remaining $DIRTY in the standard staking.

There will be a limit to how much any one holder can stake with one wallet. For the standard pool that will use $DIRTY the limit will be 2 Billion max (approx $3,600 at this moment). The LP Token pool will be limited to 10,000 tokens. Limiting the maximum amount allowed to stake per wallet will slow down one whale collecting the NFT’s too quickly, and in turn investors will need to hold longer and push prices up.

Will I be taxed the 3% standard tax on my $DIRTY when entering or leaving the staking contract? No! You will not be taxed the standard 3% tax when entering or leaving the staking contract. You will be taxed 1% when leaving the staking, this will be redistributed amongst the stakers proportionally.

Do i still earn redistribution when I am staking? Yes and more rewards on top the dirty cash! Whilst you are staking you will still earn your 2% redistribution on top of earning your ‘$Dirty cash’ and then the 1% leaving tax from other stakers leaving.

Staking will be the only way to obtain Dirty Finance NFT’s with out having to spend any $DIRTY or Eth. The only cost will be the minting cost, currently around $10. The NFT’s will give holders a passive income on top all the accumulating $DIRTY.

It is exciting times, the staking and LP staking introduction gives us a platform to use innovative ways to give holders a way to spend the in house currency in fun and profitable ways.
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