$DIRTY was listed on CoinMarketCap today. P2PB2B listing announced. Why it will outperform BTC, ETH and BNB

Dirty Finance
2 min readJun 8, 2021


On a day that finds Bitcoin in the red along with BNB and Etherum, $DIRTY is holding strong and at times 100% up for 24hr. I think the superior increase will be a common occurrence in the future as we gain more listings and exposure. Cmc listing happened after three applications, and a lot of hard work behind the scenes but thankfully was approved today and are celebrating. we have had a lot of interest because of the cmc and volume has gone above $150,000+. In the long run $DIRTY will likely outperform BTC, ETH & BNB in % gains on initial investment at this point of entry, as the market cap for Dirty Finance is under $2,000,000 and the hentai genre (worth billions every year) we have chosen is unrivaled in the NFT market, the potential is huge and we hope to capitalize on that.

Dirty finance is proud to announce its new CEX listing as P2PB2B, it has(as i write this) over 2.5B+ 24hr Volume. $DIRTY will be listed on Friday 11th June and time is yet to be confirmed so make sure you join the telegram https://t.me/DIRTYFIN or Twitter https://twitter.com/financedirty to keep up to date with the news. As we gain more listings the market reach and availability to the common crypto user will increase, and give us more potential investors, and more brand impressions.

Overall it has been a successful week at $DIRTY and next is the staking to be added to the website as discussed in previous articles. This is taking slightly longer than first anticipated and we apologise for the delay. we are working as hard as we can to get it completed as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading and investing.

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