Two Free NFT’s For All Holders Of 100 Million $DIRTY — 1 on Etherum Network & 1 on BSC

Dirty Finance
3 min readMay 13, 2021


3 weeks on from launch and Dirty Finance holders have already minted their first NFT’s, all investors holding more than 100 million will be able to collect their first eth NFT like promised from the website now. Holders will also now have a free BSC NFT to collect if they choose.

The highly anticipated OH $DIRTY Pack was successfully released yesterday, although high gas fees made it hard for many investors to justify opening it, a few excited holders did. The intention at Dirty Finance was never to make investors pay $400+ gas fees like they had to yesterday to mint a ‘free NFT’. so we intend to solve the problem. The plan is to mirror all the NFT’s and ‘OH $DIRTY Pack’ from eth and put it on the Binance Smart Chain, this will allow people to mint the NFT’s for about 2–3$. We will be able to check the 100m in your etherum based wallet, as $DIRTY is only on the etherum network, and then save the valid wallet address so you can open the pack on BSC. We will even send you free BNB dust, just enough, to open the pack. We like to look after our holders and we hope that this alternative method shows what lengths we will go to to make them happy.

We are now on CoinGecko! Over the weekend we were successfully added to CoinGecko. We are glad to have been accepted after a long wait. We look forward to the extra exposure and validity it gives the $DIRTY name and brand to potential investors.

Dirty Finance is proud to announce its listing on a third central exchange — BIBOX. We are also now listed on three exchanges: Coinsbit, Tokpie and Bibox. More listings are hoping to be agreed in the coming days/weeks. $DIRTY is becoming more widely available at low fees as we keep adding exchanges, allowing a high number of investors to buy in. CMC is likely to add Dirty Finance in the next 2 weeks.

More artwork has come in and is being worked on by the animator, we hope to have a lot of different NFT’s ready for when the ‘$DIRTY Cash’ goes live. We are working on the staking and LP staking contracts straight after the BSC launch tomo, and hope to have them live within 30 days. Hopefully much sooner.

3 star original artwork from our artists. now will be sent to the animator and then templated to make it ‘$DIRTY selfie’ that will be availbe for $DIRTY cash

We look forward to the future, $DIRTY has only just begun and hope to keep the price growth going. Keep improving the quality of the NFT’s, And keep adding exchanges. Thanks for reading.