Finance Side of $DIRTY — Why Holding Will Be Rewarded

Dirty Finance
3 min readMay 25, 2021


Dirty finance has been in the crypto space for over a month now and are now on coingecko as well as being listed on,, And Tokpie. Cmc listing should happen in the coming days, all going well. The first NFT’s are in holders wallets and staking and lp staking is being worked on tirelessly. But I want to talk more about the smart contract and the different ways investors are rewarded for holding $DIRTY.

Interest that has accumulated for redistribution to holders is 6.8%+in just 1 Month! That interest rate, if continued at that rate (without compound), will be 80%+ APR. With Compound interest would be closer to 100% interest Apr. So effectively if you buy $Dirty, the volume stays the same in the last 28 days, and the price doesn't move, your investment will go up between 80–100% in one year. Obviously we feel there is massive room for the price to grow with all the infrastructure we are doing, but in this article i want to explain all the different independent ways that holders will be rewarded. The current Apr. is around 10 times higher than any bank or savings account on the market.

Over 30,000,000,000 $DIRTY has been burnt. 500 Billion was the circulating supply at launch. So without any of the other features of the smart contract, all holders market share has increased. For example if i held 5b at the start, it would have been 1% market share of the 500b circulating, but because now we have burnt 30b the circulating supply is 470B the 5B held is now 1.06% (approx). So holders market share has increased 6% just due to the reduced circulating supply.

The sellable Hentai NFT’s that only holders will be able to redeem (when available through the website) will add a completely independent passive income on top of the burn and redistribution. Without having the staking implemented at the moment it is hard to say what Apr. this will add to the holders in a passive income form. I would hope for it to be a minimum of 10% return on investment every month for holders with the NFT’s sales.

Dirty Selfie is a NFT ready for the Staking and LP Staking

We will also include packs in the staking rewards, this will add a loot box style reward system for holders that wish to gamble. The Packs will vary with the chance of getting many different NFT’s, you may get lucky and get a super rare 6*, or get unlucky with a common 1*. We will keep looking at ways to bring dirty finance holders more and more rewards and make holding as much fan as possible. Thanks for reading, the future is $DIRTY!