DIRTY Cash — the cornerstone to the Dirty Finance infrastructure.

Dirty Finance
3 min readJul 20, 2021

From the previous story we explained how dirty cash would be earned, now we would like to explain why dirty cash is the start of the dirty phased rollout and why you want to earn it.

Phase one is the release of the staking contracts. every holder that enters the staking contract will be given two hundred dirty cash for participation in the staking and lp staking (subject to change), but without participation investors will not earn any dirty cash, it is only earned in the staking pools. Dirty cash stakers will be able to choose from 15+ NFT’s to ‘buy’ with their dirty cash from the release day, although many will cost too much to get with the initial 200 promo amount. The way investors will obtain the rarest more costly NFT’s is by staking for a long period of time, building up the dirty cash and buying them.

Soon after the release of dirty cash and the set fee NFT’s we will introduce randomized packs and then a virtual gachapon. This will allow holders with enough dirty cash to open randomly chosen NFT’s from a set pool, adding chance into collecting the rarest NFT’s. From the experience and feedback from the ‘OH dirty pack’ this has a massive demand (which is still available for holders of over 100m on the website now). Merchandise is being created and we want to give holders a chance to win a merchandise NFT which will allow them to redeem real life merchandise for free.

The next major phase once the above has been achieved is to develop our own NFT marketplace and introduce ‘DIRTY minting’. This will allow new talented artists in the hentai and anime scene to be able to showcase their work to dirty finances hentai loving audience as well as allowing fans to mint a specific number of their artwork at a cost (all set by seller), and dirty cash will of course be a valid currency in the marketplace. This should attract some great artists and make the dirty finance marketplace the number one hentai NFT minting and gallery site.

DIRTY casino is something that we have looked into and would like to bring to the dirty finance umbrella. We plan to have numerous different ways to be able to gamble $DIRTY as well as dirty cash. We want to try and integrate the NFT’s into prizes as well as $DIRTY and dirty cash payouts. We believe that the adult genre suits the transition well and could be a lucrative business move. Profits of the casino will be distributed to $DIRTY holders.

By end of dirty finances development dirty cash holders should have a multitude of options to spend their accumulated dirty cash on. NFT’s at a set price, NFT packs, Gachapons, 3rd party artist NFTs, or gamble the night away at the casino. We will of course to keeping adding to this as we move forward and always aim for the moon.