$DIRTY NFT’s For Sale On Opensea. Staking to be introduced in the next weeks.

Dirty Finance
3 min readMay 31, 2021


We have always spoken about passive income with dirty finance and how we will introduce this on top of the amazing APY. we offer with the redistribution. Well now the first minted dirty finance NFT’s are making their way to the opensea.io market place. Many have been placed on sale for in excess for 1 Eth, but have yet to sell. With the rarest, the 5 star ‘Dirty Temptation’, listing for 200+ Eth. All the dirty finance NFT’s that holders are selling are in this link https://opensea.io/assets/dirtynft

The ‘OH Dirty Pack’ is still available (and until staking the only way to get a NFT) to all holders of 100m $DIRTY or more, the holder can simply connect their wallet to www.dirty.finance (through a Dapp or etherum integrated browser) and mint. You have a chance of minting 3 different artworks worked into 7 different cards, 2% for the 5 star and around 30% for the most common 1 stars. The pack has received massive compliments from holders and we will look to replicate it with different NFT’s in the future, adding a luck element to collecting some of our rarest NFT’s, keeping dirty finance fresh and fun.

Staking contract is being worked on tirelessly by our blockchain expert and we hope to have it ready for the website in the coming weeks. Once the contract is on www.dirty.finance holders will be able to connect their wallet and stake $DIRTY or $DIRTY/ETH uniswap liquidity tokens. In return for staking the holders will be rewarded with ‘$DIRTY cash’, a in house currency used to redeem the NFT’s. The liquidity token staking will earn a faster and higher Apy. in comparison with standard $DIRTY staking. The ‘$DIRTY cash’ will build up over the hours and days till you have enough to redeem a dirty finance NFT. The rarer the NFT’s, the higher the star, the less clothes and the more expensive in ‘$DIRTY’ cash they are. The common 1 stars wont cost much and the 6 stars will be the most, but the artwork will be just as gorgeous (just less nudity in lower stars).

Flower bomb collaboration 1 star NFT — available through staking

Once we have introduced ‘$DIRTY cash’ into the website we will be looking at innovative ways to use the currency to make earning it valuable to our holder, with different NFT’s providing a higher passive income. There is so much ahead for $DIRTY and getting a bag now would surely be a great idea. Thanks for reading.