$DIRTY Staking and LP Staking (Farming) for Dirty Cash is released on Tuesday 17th August 2021

Dirty Finance
3 min readAug 5, 2021


The Staking release date has been set, the contract tested and Dirty cash is ready for launch on Tuesday the 17th August 2021. It has taken months of hard work by our blockchain specialist to write a contract that excludes the 5% transaction tax in and out when staking, allowing NFT mints at will, and share a higher redistribution rate to the stakers. But now it is complete we are excited to give the release date, and look forward to the marketing and giving the holders everything that Dirty cash brings.

Dirty cash, as spoken about in previous stories, will be the secondary currency for Dirty Finance. When staking $DIRTY tokens or Eth/Dirty LP tokens you will earn Dirty cash (going up every minute it is staked). All wallets for the first time entering staking or lp staking only will receive 200 complimentary Dirty cash. 1 star NFTs will cost less than 200 Dirty cash and can be minted on entry if the staker chooses to, alternatively they can build up the dirty cash over time and mint the rarer, less clothed higher starred NFT’s.

The Maximum amount of $DIRTY you can stake is 2.1 Billion. The maximum amount off LP tokens will be limited to 10,000. LP staking will earn the investor Dirty cash faster, around 2.5 times faster when compared dollar to dollar investment compared to staking. The reason we have rewarded and incentivize the LP staking more is because of the benefit it brings to dirty finance by strengthening the LP pool and the risks the holder has with impermanent loss.

On launch we will have 21 NFT’s available, 6 piece NSFW Flowerbomb set (original and Neon), 6 piece NSFW seaside set and 3 piece SFW Hoge collaboration set.

The future of Dirty cash is integral to Dirty Finances planned growth. We will introduce packs for certain sets adding a exciting and random chance to obtaining NFT’s. Gachapons are also on the radar, we are working hard to get a 6 star NSFW set of beautiful 3d model figurines that will given to gachapon openers. Dirty cash will be used in the planned NFT marketplace roll out, the Dirty marketplace (planned in the coming months) will bring a platform for hentai and anime artist to be able to sell original lewd art to fans in NFT form. We have also been in talks with a online casino company and are serious about bringing a casino platform for our holders to gamble on, again dirty cash will be integrated and same with the $DIRTY token.

17th August 2021 is a date to remember, thanks for reading and more stories will be posted here.

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